Afghan IPTV gives you the power to watch your favorite TV Channels live.

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Experience TV like never bofore

Turn your ordinary TV into a fully functional Smart TV by connecting our latest Afghan Box 5 to it.

Watch most popular Afghan TV channels live on your TV screen without any satellite and Dish in a high picture quality.

Afghan Box 5

A stunning IPTV Player with 4k Picture quality, advanced processing power and more features. A completely redesigned media Box.


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Install your favourite android apps and make Afghan Box 5 more entertaining





Watch More & Do More

Apps like Skype, Facebook, Youtube, Games or even videos, TV Shows and sports in your home screen… with Afghan Box 5 it is all possible as simple as your all in one PC and IPTV receiver



High Performance with Premium Design

Super-fast TV experience with a high performance Octa Core Processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 8GB Storage and high speed wireless Antenna. With Afghan Box 5 you can even do more, watching live TV Channels or Movies, Playing Games and
surfing the internet, You will enjoy everything…

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